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1. De-fund any program that subsidizes abortion with tax dollars.

2. Reduce entitlement program spending.

3. Reduce budget for the EPA.

4. Anti Common-Core.

5. Cut spending on the Department of Education. Get rid of Common Core.

6. Increase spending for the Veteran Administration. Our vets deserve better medical care.

7. Teachers deserve better pay.

8. Reduce the cost of College.

9. Fix the algae bloom problem that exists with the treasure coast.

10 Fix our healthcare problem. Obama care is not the solution but before we can repeal it, we have to find a replacement

11. Fix our immigration system and protect our borders. Will not support illegal aliens automatically become citizens.

12. Medical marijuana should be legalized.

13. I support energy independence.

14. Trade embargo policy with Cuba must be revisited

15. I support a flat tax.

16. I.R.S must be gradually phased out.

17. Healthcare must be more affordable. There is no reason why citizens should end up bankrupt because of healthcare bills.

18. We must maintain a strong military, but we must reduce the amount of bases we have around the world. A big chunk of our budget is used to fund over 700 bases around the world. This cannot be sustained.

19. I will not support the idea of American troops fighting anyone’s war. We will assist but they must learn to fight for themselves.

20. I support the 2nd amendment. The Federal government will not infringe on the right of citizens to bear arms. On the other hand, we have to have a common sense approach to protect our citizens from being harmed by someone who is not allowed to have a weapon.  Anyone found to be present with violent psychological issues, violent crime offenders or is on a no-fly list must be precluded from owning a weapon. Of course citizens on this no-fly list will have the chance to appeal.

21. I do not support the Trans Pacific Partnership. We also needed fair trade deals.

22. Companies leaving America to go overseas must be charged a tariff if they wish to import goods into America.

23. Israel is and always will be one of our greatest allies.

24. Lowering the business tax rate

25. Proper vetting of immigrants from the Middle East

26. We must support small business and the middle class to succeed. If the middle class is strong, then America is strong.

27. The United Nation is all about Globalization. America must refuse the temptation to follow.

28. Freedom of religion must be supported. If a group wants to pray in school as a group, they must be allowed to do this without the government intervening.  Why must Islam be taught in schools and Christianity shoved aside.

29. Integrating special needs individuals into our society by providing jobs for them.

30.  China, Russia and Iran are our most dangerous enemies. We have to be strong when dealing with them.
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