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Dwight Young is a former Senatorial Candidate who participated in the 2016 Senatorial race for Florida. Unfortunately, he fell short in his attempt to win the primary, but in his attempt, he did manage to garner close to 100,000 votes.  Mr. Young is still on the path to educate and inform not only African Americans but also the American public in general, about the importance of bringing about change with voting and the dangers of a monolithic vote.  

Dwight Young is a Christian and that was a very important part of his reason to run for the Senate. His platform mirrors a policy of Christian Conservatism coupled with Economic Conservatism.


Dwight Young was born in Jamaica W.I and migrated to the United States at the age of fifteen in 1981. Upon arriving in the U.S, he made his home in Queens NY and attended Springfield Gardens High School. Upon graduating High School in 1989, Dwight went on to join the United States New York Army National Guard while attending Queens College. While serving in the armed services, Dwight also received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Minored in Urban Studies.

Dwight Young is a Father of two sons and a deceased daughter. He is also the son of one living parent (Mother). Dwight is a man of service. Not only did he serve his Country as a member of its armed services for 5 years, he also served his County as a member of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office as a Detention Deputy.  Dwight also served his Community as the President of his Home-owners Association. Dwight also served his church by traveling to Africa on a mission trip to teach the school children of Namibia about the importance of abstinence. This was important due to the fact that African communities were suffering on a massive scale from AIDS. Last but not least, Dwight's Great Grand Uncle, the Right Honorable Bustamante, was the first Prime Minister of Jamaica. This is a legacy not lost out on Dwight while growing up as a child.

Dwight Young decided to enter the race for membership to the U.S Senate because of what he observed as the political betrayal of our Political leaders in regards to the Constitution of America. Dwight feels that no-one is listening to the people and their cries for public officials to properly represent them.  Dwight sees it as his civic duty to do something about this problem. Dwight feels that it is the duty of our public officials to serve the interests of the people by performing the duties and responsibilities set forth as their elected officials.

Dwight Young has a message that will motivate and inspire. With hard work and perseverance, Dwight has lived his dream and is about to embark on a journey to have others realize their dreams too. There is no dream to big to accomplish, once we have the desire and the faith to achieve it. 

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